🎲Game Release

You will find everything you need to know about the game here

Our game is basically like Coin Flip but BETTER.

It is not just for our holders, anyone is welcome to play it.

This game is about "Finding the Dragon". You will click "HATCH" and its an even chance that a Dragon comes out of the egg or nothing comes. If the Dragon comes your Bet amount will be DOUBLED and if the Egg is empty you will lose your money.

How to play:

When you open the game you will see Amout to BET like; 0.1 sol, 0.5 sol, 1 sol and 2 sol (Subjected to change). You will have to choose the amount you want to bet.

After choosing the amount you will click "HATCH" and the egg will then be hatched and you will either unveal the dragon or nothing.

If it contains a Dragon you money will be Doubled and If empty you will lose.

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